Aug 6, 2010

The New CASE

The goal of the new positioning for the 85-person firm is “to enhance our brand and offer greater levels of boutique services in the Metroplex and other major Texas cities.” In addition to its Dallas-Fort Worth headquarters office, the firm also has offices in San Antonio and Austin.

“Our company has a solid structure which in large measure bears Bill Cawley’s footprint. We want to take that great tradition and enhance it in our own way to become even a more dominant force in Dallas commercial real estate,” said Mr. Conger.

The name “CASE” represents Conger and Sutherland Enterprises, according to Mr. Sutherland. “We intend to take our strong heritage and take it to new dimensions of commercial real estate management, leasing and tenant representation services.”

Press Release 8-6-2010

DBJ Article 8-6-2010