May 10, 2011

25 Years In Real Estate

Even though CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners is a new identity and we're beginning a new chapter, it's exciting to point out that we are fortified by twenty-five years in the real estate industry!  The following is a sampling of our timeline:

In 1965, Ray L. Hunt began buying real estate upon graduation from Southern Methodist University. His completion of Reunion Tower marked the first of many real estate accomplishments for the man whose company would eventually become CASE Commercial Real Estate Partners. In 1986, Bill Cawley, another real estate visionary, launched Cawley & Associates. Less than a decade later, Cawley acquired Wilcox Realty from Ray Hunt under a holding company he created, Cawley Wilcox. This company flourished as a powerhouse of real estate entities that would eventually become widely known as GVA Cawley and Wilcox Development Services. Together, these companies attracted some of the best names in the commercial real estate business, including John Conger and Tom Sutherland. As Cawley’s empire strengthened, so did his desire to make his development division autonomous. In spring 2008, Cawley announced the sale of GVA Cawley, the brokerage and management arm of Cawley Wilcox, to longtime principals Conger and Sutherland.

Since August, our firm has launched several growth initiatives that will continue to expand our new brand and offer greater levels of service in the Metroplex, throughout Texas, and beyond. In partnership with TCN Worldwide, our firm now services clients through 1,200 brokers and salespeople and has a well-earned reputation for independent thinking and problem solving in more than 200 markets worldwide.